Reason Competes at State Level in both Gymnastics and Soccer with high associated fees. Only 7 years of age

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Scarlett Adams

Sport : Gymnastics Moorebank, New South Wales, Australia
Club: Menai Acro Gym / Southern Districts GSAP Program / SRW Private Football Academy
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Scarlett is an incredible young athlete, who has excelled, competed and won gold in many sporting activities to date.

Currently recognised and competing at State Level in both Acrobatic Gymnastics and Soccer, as well as being a high achieving runner, in both sprint and 5km distances. Scarlett has achieved all of this by the age of 7 years. Scarlett is currently playing 2 years ahead of her age in Soccer.

Her main focus is to be the best that she can be, in both Gymnastics and Soccer and is an absolute perfectionist, when it comes to her presentation and points scoring.

She is relentless in her approach and aims to go all the wayto the Young Olympics / Olympics, but also on a footballing front, she is already working with current and ex-Matilders and has a definite future in the professional womens game, should she follow this direction.

Originally from the UK and from a sporting family, Scarlett certainly has the pedigree and desire to become an athlete who competes at the highest stage, regardless of which discipline she follows.

Scarett wanted to create an “Inspire a Star” account, to raise funds, to ensure that she can continue pushing herself and training, across all of her disciplines, without adding a financial burden to the family, which is a very mature things for a 7 year old to do. As a family we will of course support her in every way possible, but competing at these levels across multiple sports is very expensive.

We thank all of you that take an interest in Scarletts profile and hope that you can help her to continue and realise her dreams…

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